e-meche is the faster alternative for colouring hair to foil. Meche allows you to see the colour develop through the transparent strip, while retaining heat during the hair colouring process.

The meche is non-latex and easy to use, with a water-soluable self-adhesive strip to ensure it stays close to the hair root during application.

meche is comfortable for the client and, as there is no colour bleed, it will not irritate clients with scalp problems.

Choose e-meche for the best results for colouring hair every time.

where is C&G?

Cupid and Grace would like to thank you for your custom and loyalty over the years.

Instead of selling a wide range of different products we have decided to concentrate our efforts on distributing our main e-meche product.

If you have any queries relating to Cupid and Grace then please e-mail services@cupidandgrace.com.

Please visit our new site www.emeche.co.uk for sales and educational information about e-meche. If you have any queries about buying or distributing e-meche you can contact us at services@cupidandgrace.com.

In case you were wondering, Cupid and Grace have not divorced. They have simply decided to retire to the country for the time being!


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